Saturday, 4 October 2008

Chinese opera

When I was young I loved to watch plays and other kind of cultural dramas. Today I want to write my memories about “The Chinese opera”, so-called in Thai “NGIW”.

First of all, I want to tell you that I can not speak Chinese and I do not understand Chinese any more but why I love to see the Chinese opera and how can I understand the stories of those operas?

I was born in the Chinese family, which has moved from China for almost 90 years. When I was young, my house was located near the joss house (so-called Saan Jao in Thai).

Every year there was at least two festivals were set up at the joss house. At the festival, there was provided many kinds of activity, namely, pay respect to the gods, auction, and Chinese opera.

In my memory, I always go to watch the Chinese opera with my aunt, who was also my mother-in-law. Every evening she always comes to my house and takes me to the opera house. She and I always go there with some joss sticks for paying respect to the gods and we never forgot to take some fans with us because the weather was very hot.

At the opera house, she always translates every conversation in the story to me. Moreover, she always gives me other additional details about the story.

Until now, every time that I watch the Chinese opera, she always comes to my memory. And this is one of my memories that always clear when I close my eyes.

Finally, I want to say's almost 8 years of living without you. “I MISS YOU”…….. my aunt.

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